Poll: How would you describe your FY19 results?

The 2019 financial year is almost over, and while it’s too soon to deliver the final verdict, recent reports suggest the last few months have been challenging to say the least.

Monthly retail sales growth has slowed over the past several months, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, due to low consumer confidence amidst continued concern about falling house prices and slow income growth.

And while the Reserve Bank’s recent rate cut is expected to boost spending, NAB economists last week said the impact will be short-lived and that the retail industry is “clearly in a recession”.

What does this mean for FY19 overall? Many retailers won’t be reporting their full-year results for several weeks or months, but until then, we’d love to know your back-of-the-envelope calculations.

Tell us how you would describe your FY19 results in our newest poll, and share more details in the comment section below.

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