A nation divided


Laptop tablet mobile, westfield, searchable mall, digital, technologyOne in three Australians are likely to watch television and browse online simultaneously, as we increasingly become a nation of divided attentions.

According to Roy Morgan Research, the proportion of people that enjoy watching TV and browsing online at the same time has risen by nine per cent since 2010.

George Pesutto, GM of media and communications at Roy Morgan Research, says the research shows the consumption of media is increasingly split between multiple devices.

“On the surface, this second screen phenomenon might seemingly be diverting attentions away from the TV, perhaps at a cost to TV advertising awareness.

“Our research shows that people who use the internet while watching TV are more likely to enjoy and respond to TV advertising compared with the average Australian.”

The consumer survey found people that browse online while watching TV are 73 per cent more likely to look up a website because of something they’ve seen on TV.

This is presumably because their browsing device is in front of them while the fleeting advertisement is still front of mind.

Pesutto says this indicates other connected devices may actually enhance or complement the viewing experience, especially when social media is added.

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