Multi-screen commerce growing


female hand hold mobile phone touch screenThe use of multiple screens and mobile devices by consumers to purchase products is growing, according to a new report.

The study, conducted by Impulse Screen Media, asked questions about the use of multiple or second screens by Australian consumers whilst watching television. The study found that of those surveyed, 95 per cent have purchased items on their mobiles and tablets with 69.8 per cent purchasing items while watching television.

In addition, 54.4 per cent of consumers purchase items on a weekly basis, including some several times a day and half of those purchases are made while watching TV.

“The findings show that multiple screen commerce is a behaviour that consumers are continuing to adopt and supports other studies that show the growing trend of the TV no longer dominating our attention in the lounge room,” said Paul Garrity, CEO of Impulse Screen Media.

“Consumers are also shopping on a mobile or tablet device whilst watching television indicates a disruption to traditional television advertising, as a lot of interaction on second screens takes place during ad breaks.

“Comments from the survey participants indicate a sense of ‘discovered time’ as multiple screens allow users to act spontaneously and the immediate feedback gives a sense of accomplishment and efficiency not traditionally delivered by television,” Garrity said.

“What we expect is that advertisers will need to look beyond traditional television advertising and current mobile advertising to implement integrated cross channel ad campaigns that leverage this trend towards convergence of mobile screens and television.”


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