Johnnie enters third dimension


bluelabel-galleryScotch whisky, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, is showcasing contemporary art works through a 3D art exhibition in a bottle at outlets globally.

In a unique exhibition, Johnnie Walker Blue Label Gallery, the liquor brand uses the latest in projection technology and showcases a collection of Johnnie Walker inspired art.

The result is Blue Label bottles that stand at almost three metres tall.

The art installation will not be exhibited in established art galleries, but instead feature in airports around the world, from Singapore, to London and beyond.

In each of the cities visited, Johnnie Walker will collaborate with local artisans to showcase their interpretation of The Rare Blend – a homage to the label.

The bottles will be filled with bespoke 3D and CGI graphics created by famous local artists from the host cities, giving the content perspective and depth.

The exhibition’s first port of call is the concourse of Terminal 1 in Singapore’s Changi Airport from September 19 until October 31.

Johnnie Walker has commissioned three artists who embody the character of the whisky: Priscilla Shunmugam, Alvin Tan, and Brandon Tay.

Fashion designer, Shunmugam, tells the story behind the iconic buildings of Singapore and their structural rigidity and beauty, via flowing organic patterns from traditional fabrics.

Tan, of Phunk Studio, will showcase handcrafted digital typography, breathing life to the minds of Aristotle and Dr Livingstone, via paper sculptures.

Multimedia artist Tay’s piece will blend fauna and flora to create a new unique life form reminiscent of a silk worm spinning the thread for its cocoon.

johnniebluelabelgalleryThis article originally appeared on Inside Retail Asia.


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