The future of loyalty schemes


land-supermarket-russia-deliUpmarket Russian supermarket chain, Land, is trialling instore machines that respond to shoppers’ data with personalised deals and offers.

The Amazon-style technology offers shoppers personalised shopping suggestions, deals, and recipes when they walk instore.

The touchscreen machines, which were launched in late 2013, work by asking customers to scan their loyalty card upon entry.

Shoppers then receive personalised printed coupons based on individual shopping histories, the time of day, and Land’s stock levels.

For instance, if a customer enters the store at 5pm and doesn’t usually buy meat products, they may be suggested a vegetarian recipe idea for dinner.

Alternatively, mid-30s male customers entering the store on Friday or Saturday evenings could be offered a deal on a case of beer.

Land, which is trailing the pilot at several key locations, is also using the devices to move items close to expiry and heavily reduced items at the end of day.

“Understanding how our customers think and like products helps us make shopping at Land a better experience,” said Ilya Shtrom, director of the supermarket chain.

“Synqera’s analytics and customer personalisation technology enhances the shopping experience at a critical point throughout the sales process.”



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