Woolworths trials check-out free store in Sydney

Woolworths has become the first major supermarket in the country to offer customers a check-out free shopping experience, with the launch of its Scan&Go store in Double Bay, NSW, today.

Woolworths Rewards members will be able to scan items using the the company’s Scan&Go app as they shop and make payment through the app before tapping off at a dedicated station.

The app has been developed in-house by the WooliesX digital team in close collaboration with supermarket operations.

The trial is meant to provide valuable feedback from customers and team members about the new style of shopping and serve as a test run for how the concept performs in a busy supermarket environment.

While there are no plans as yet to roll out the service more broadly, Woolworths Group head of payments Paul Monnington said in a statement to sister site Inside FMCG that next steps will be discussed when the trial ends.

“We believe smartphone technology and mobile payments have the potential to transform the shopping experience for our customers in the future.

“This trial is not only about testing new technology, it’s also about seeing how our customers and teams respond to a completely new style of shopping.

“We have no doubt we’ll learn a lot during the course of the trial and we look forward to assessing future options after it finishes,” Monnington said.

The trial store in Double Bay will continue to offer self-serve check-outs and manned registers.

Anyone wishing to participate in the Scan&Go trial must be a Woolworths Rewards member and will be required to upload a credit or debit card to the app before shopping.



  1. Jonathan Reeve posted on September 6, 2018

    Well done Woolworths! This is fantastic for customers who want to shop in this way, but also good for Woolworths. Scan-and-go gives Woolworths a real-time digital connection to their customers as they walk up and down the aisles. I reckon this will be the foundation of the next retail revolution as retailers learn to communicate "in the moment" with customers as they shop. Anyone interested to learn more can check out the link to another Inside Retail article: http://insideretail.com.au/news/understanding-amazons-revolutionary-store-format-201808

  2. Jonathan posted on September 6, 2018

    Well done Woolworths! This is fantastic for the customers who want to shop in this way. It's also good for Woolworths as scan-and-go gives the retailer a real-time digital connection to their customers as they walk up and down the aisles. I believe this is the foundation of the next revolution in store retail, as retailers learn how to communicate with customers "in the moment" while they shop. To learn more, check out this article on Inside Retail: http://insideretail.com.au/news/understanding-amazons-revolutionary-store-format-201808

  3. Robert Sandringham posted on September 7, 2018

    Yes also great for Jobs at checkouts which means more money gets spread in the economy.

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