Roger David appoints administrators

Unable to compete with the influx of multinational retailers and the rapid expansion of online shopping, specialty men’s retailer Roger David is closing down.

The 76-year-old menswear chain appointed administrators from KordaMentha Restructuring on Thursday, after failing to find any alternative to keep the business afloat, such as a sale.

The company’s directors said they were “heartbroken” about the decision, but were “incredibly proud” of what the business had achieved since opening in 1942.

At its peak, the company had more than 100 stores selling suits, other fashion and accessories under the Roger David and RDX brands.

Ultimately, however, the third-largest specialty menswear chain in Australia was unable to keep pace with challenging economic conditions and the changing retail landscape.

“Roger David, like many other fashion retailers, has been buffeted by global competition, stagnant sales and rising fixed costs”, KordaMentha’s Craig Shepard said.

Shepard advised that the retailer would begin a national closing down sale immediately to clear stock and raise as much money as possible for employees and other creditors. Gift cards will be honoured in full for one month to encourage support from customers for the closing down sale.

The timing of the closure of Roger David’s 57 stores had yet to be announced at the time of this writing. Until then, it will be “business as usual for the upcoming peak retail period”, according to the company’s directors.

The closure of Roger David will impact approximately 300 employees. The first meeting of creditors will be held on October 30, 2018.



  1. Don Gilbert posted on October 18, 2018

    With many many iconic Australian Brands failing. They have been putting: 1. Nails in their own coffins for years and years and years; 2. The have NOT got off their backsides and stood up for themselves (nor the guts); 3. Their solutions to their problems have been staring them full in the face for years and years and years; 4. Their Associations have been same old same old same old; or "owned" by someone else; did not have their interests at heart; 5. Guys like me; sorry I am the only one in World to have undressed the massive massive flaws in the system; giving them real opportunity to turn the tide and to shift the massive massive stakes against them; 6. The one sided arguments that have been posed against you are: ONE SIDED ARGUMENTS; the Mall Owners have been sending you broke for years an years and years ............. on flawed arguments. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO APPRAISE YOURSELVES AS TO YOUR RIGHTS AND HOLD THEM TO ACCOUNT? I am working on an International Level; my IP is in the International arena and you want us to feel sorry for you .....................

  2. peter rebers posted on October 18, 2018

    That's pretty sad they have been around for what seems like forever, maybe should have kept pace with online shopping with 100 stores they could have had a 3-4 hour delivery service

  3. Dallas posted on October 19, 2018

    the quality in their range dropped off significantly in the last 10 - 15 years to the point it was at Kmart quality for David Jones prices

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