Cotton On’s record Chinese New Year trade

CottononCotton On has broken its previous Chinese New Year trade results, with a big jump in sales driven by the groups first global staff engagement initiative.

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“The results have just come in and Cotton On has had a 30 per cent increase on last years Chinese New Year sales,” Cotton On global general manager, Felicity McGahan, told Inside Retail Weekly.

Following on from the fast fashion retailer’s successful global initiatives last year, which saw it participate in other international events such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday and offer discounts online and instore, McGahan said tapping into key calendar events across the globe is part of the company’s strategy moving forward.

“We’re looking to upcoming events like Easter and other calendar events to drive engagement,” said McGahan.

As part of the company’s focus on capitalising on the lucrative Chinese New Year trade period, Cotton On initiated a company first work experience program CNY Tour. The tour involved giving selected staff the opportunity to work in Cotton On’s stores in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia and provided them with a, “unique opportunity to experience some amazing aspects of other cultures”.


“It also gives our local retail teams on the ground invaluable support during peak times such as CNY,” said McGahan.

“32 retail staff were selected by their leadership team to participate in this first group global work experience opportunity, by supporting our team in Asia in having the most successful CNY Cotton On has had to date.”

Staff were selected based on their passion and commitment to the business and were from various locations including Australia, New Zealand, the US and South Africa.

Cotton On said the venture was about how the group pooled resources across the globe to take advantage of major international events.

“2015 represents the first of these initiatives, but based on the success, we’ll look at how we can potentially roll this out to other key markets at important times such as Black Friday in the US,” said McGahan.

McGahan said Cotton On was keen to “make retail fun again” through these initiatives.

“You’re joining a global brand, not just a retailer,” said McGahan. “When I see, #Ilovemyjob through our social media channels, it tells me that it’s working. If I had been a 21-year-old, and Cotton On said come and manage Miranda and then Cotton on USA, it would have been a dream.”

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