Centre opens roof to public


Greenwood Plaza_Escape 001Sydney’s Greenwood Plaza has opened its rooftop garden to the public with the creation of a shopper friendly green space.

The new oasis launch is part of the new look Greenwood Plaza and aims to encourage customers to take time out from the pace of North Sydney.

The rooftop uses design elements including timber ceiling treatments, lighting changes throughout the day to reflect the time of day, bamboo gardens and natural timber panels.

New ceilings to bring the outdoors in have also been installed in the centre on the Greenwood Level, while a Barrisol ceiling treatment on the Plaza Level features timber which casts a bird’s nest style shadow onto a suspended stretch latex installation.

A series of timber fins span the width of the malls, giving a spine effect.

Barrisol lighting changes to reflect the time of day to join the light gap between the two main voids, and lighting has also been upgraded with the installation of sustainable LED light fittings.

In addition, new lounge and seating areas feature sofas, armchairs, and upholstered bench seating. In the Fresh Food area on the Metro Level high bench tables have been replaced by low tables, cafe chairs, and upholstered bench seating.

Adrian Marks, Greenwood Plaza centre manager, said the plan for the centre’s refurbishment was to engage customers further.

“Our vision was to develop a new look that would appeal to all of our customers. We realise how important it is to keep in touch with our customers and to ensure that they feel comfortable, inspired, and understood,” Marks said.

Greenwood Plaza_Escape 002


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