Biggest store to come for Baby Kingdom

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The new 2000sqm store at Alexandria in Sydney, will join the company’s other two large format stores at Castle Hill, spanning 700sqm, and Bankstown, 1200sqm.

An 800sqm store at Alexandria will be replaced by the new larger store.

Baby Kingdom GM, Kon Karanastasis, says the new store will have a bigger brand focus to tie in with the company’s philosophy of building brands and making them stand out.

“It’s a very exciting concept, like nothing seen before and on a global scale. It will be the biggest in size and offering,” Karanastasis says.

“It’ll become an experience when you come into the store. Bedrooms will be like you’re walking into your own bedroom.”

With a focus on first time parents, Baby Kingdom offers ranges from entry point to premium, across toys, prams, nursery furniture, and manchester, among others, for babies from zero to two years, and up to three years for toys.

Baby Kingdom has good reason to focus on brands. “First time parents look for quality and safety, and brands they can trust.”

In the past year, more global brands have entered Australia, and Karanastasis says customers are very interested in their products.

“The world is becoming smaller because customers research online. As the European economies have slowed down the US has picked up, but Europe in particular is looking to expand its market, therefore, you are getting a lot of global brands coming to Australia.”

Though most products are manufactured overseas, often in China, a number of innovative products are offered by Australian-owned companies, such as Grotime, Tasman Eco, and Cocoon. “Oioi (designer nappy bags) and Melobaby (nappy wallet and change mat) are leading the way.”

In the past year, best sellers have included Incy Interiors, which specialises in designer furniture for babies and children.

“It’s very hip, the new look for baby furniture. It’s got that urban, inner city living look. It’s been really outstanding. People like the look because it’s different, not your standard cot. We’re dedicating more floor space going forward for it,” Karanastasis says.

Manchester ranges have changed, going from an American look to an Australian influence in design.

“This has picked up sales, as it’s catering more towards people’s lifestyles than to just specifically baby. It’s going with home decor.”

Baby Kingdom has found the best way of attracting new customers is through word of mouth and via its website.

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