Australian dollar rises

The Australian dollar has risen Tuesday, buying 68.65 US cents, up from 68.56 US cents on Monday.

Yesterday, the local currency was at 68.46 US cents up from 68.27 US cents on Friday closing.

Friday morning, it was at 68.14 US cents, unchanged from Thursday’s 68.14 US cents.

Thursday morning, the Aussie dollar was at 67.97 US cents from 67.79  US cents on Wednesday.

It rebounded overnight, buying 67.69 US cents on Wednesday, up from 67.25 US cents on Tuesday.On Monday, the Australian dollar was at 73.33 Japanese yen, from 73.45 yen ; 62.18 euro cents, from 61.82 cents ; 55.90 British pence, from 55.39 pence and 106.75 NZ cents, from 106.73 cents.


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