ADVERTORIAL: Making up for lost time

Australian retailers face operational pressures like businesses in no other sector.

The storage and distribution process for goods must be more accurate, timely and efficient than nearly any other industry.

Added to this, the rise in online retailing is leading to many traditional retailers having to absorb large price reductions to stay competitive, leading many organisations to look for new innovations to deliver time and cost savings.

However, most of the obvious cost cutting moves for major retail operations across the country have already been made.

As a result, many retailers are searching to find ways to reduce operating costs, without making major investments in new equipment or sacrificing the quality of their business operations.

One of the often overlooked ways in which retailers can enhance their operations, without large costs is through improving the efficiency of their label printing or label solutions.

One of the latest printing innovations to arrive on the Australian market is Toshiba TEC’s DB?EA4D, a two?sided direct thermal label printer which can develop labels with text, graphics, bar codes and QR codes.

The DB?EA4D prints directly onto a label’s backing paper, increasing usability without affecting functionality, which makes it ideal for applications requiring dual outputs.

For retailers, this means that they can use the DB?EA4D to print labels which have one side displaying the price of the item and the back covering the return policy, or a special discount coupon.

In retail distribution environments and warehouses it is common for bottlenecks to develop when workers have to load delivery trucks and create labels and forms for tracking goods with external inventory control systems.

Often lines form at printers while workers wait for their labels in the queue.

In this example, by using the DB?EA4D, the address label for a delivery can be printed at the same time as the delivery’s packing list is also printed on the label’s backing paper, saving time and increasing worker and delivery efficiency.

In retail settings, where a low cost of ownership is a priority, the DB?EA4D saves organisations money by using fewer consumables in the print process.

The auto feed function also enables quick paper loading without opening the cover, and the tool?less replacement of essential components, such as the print?head and platen roller, offers ease of maintenance.

Saving time on repetitive tasks is critical for local retailers looking to unlock hidden organisational efficiencies and improve customer service.

If staff have to wait while labels are printed in a back room, it not only costs the retailer in terms of productivity, but also impacts on customer service because staff are not present to assist customers. Importantly, because the DB?EA4D can simultaneously print the label and backing paper, this reduces the overall label processing time and frees up retail staff to focus more directly on customer facing tasks.

Toshiba TEC’s DB?EA4D, a two?sided direct thermal label printer is the ideal efficiency tool for Australian retailers.

It comes with BarTender software as standard, and with the option to download enhanced programs, retailers are able design bespoke labels to meet their own specific business requirements.

To find out more about Toshiba TEC DB?EA4D printer, please visit or contact Toshiba TEC Australia through +61 2 8845 6200 or email



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