Amazon Benchmarking – the ANZ brands who topped the list

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Pattern Australia recently released a research study benchmarking 50 brands selling in five product categories on, including Baby, Beauty, Electronics, Kitchen & Dining, and Pet. The scoring criteria looked at aspects of each brand’s Amazon presence including product information and imagery, localised ratings and reviews, their placement in search results on their brand terms and whether they were utilising Amazon advertising to bolster their presence in organic search results.

Pet brand Zenify topped the ranking in Pattern’s Amazon Australia Benchmarking Report, scoring 82 per cent of the possible marks against a set of criteria designed to measure how well the brands are represented on the online marketplace to maximise their sales potential. Two other ANZ brands made the top five: beauty brands Caim & Able (#2) and Antipodes (#5).

The top five brands all achieved more than three-quarters of the available marks when we reviewed their listings:

  • Zenify scored 82 per cent.
  • Caim & Able scored 79 per cent.
  • Fitbit and Hill’s both scored 77 per cent.
  • Antipodes scored 75 per cent.

The research highlights areas where brands could improve their Amazon presence, to provide a better customer experience and likely improve their sales on the marketplace. Product and brand content and imagery are simple, but key, areas for improvement:

  • 70 per cent of brands did not consistently provide useful product descriptions.
  • 50 per cent of brands did not consistently use close-up images to show product features.
  • 74 per cent of brands had not employed product videos on any of the Amazon listings we reviewed, 14 per cent had used on some listings and 12 per cent on all listings reviewed.
  • 68 per cen of brands did not have A+ branded content on all listings reviewed.

Pattern’s Head of Business Development in Australia Dan Richardson said of the findings: “It’s encouraging to see that Australian and New Zealand brands are holding their own against global competitors when it comes to how they are showing up on However, our research also shows that there are some significant areas of improvement that most brands could make to help them sell more on the marketplace. Our scorecard is based on the best practice we have developed as one of the largest Amazon sellers in the world, and we’d be delighted to talk to brands who want to understand how to profitably grow their revenue.”

You can download the full report here.

About Pattern Inc: Pattern is the premier e-commerce partner to global brands helping them to deliver profitable growth through their e-commerce sites and online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Tmall. With employees in 18 locations globally – including Sydney and Melbourne in Australia – we are one of the world’s largest Amazon sellers.

We act as the authorised Amazon seller to more than 100 brands, buying their stock to sell on the marketplace and taking care of every aspect of their Amazon presence. In addition, our consulting arm supports the development of brands’ marketplace strategies.

Earlier this month, Pattern secured a Series B investment of US$252 million. This latest funding announcement is a big win for Pattern globally and the result of an incredible team, amazing partners and a clear vision to be the best e-commerce partner globally. You can read more about this news here.

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About the author: Kathryn Coleman is Head of Customer Marketing at Pattern.