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The influence of male shoppers is starting to increase, says Simon Stacey.

Buy from the mag

Aggregate shopping website launches digital magazine integrated with e-commerce site.

The shopper selfie

Peter Firth reveals how to identify influential touch points on the individual path to purchase.

Bird brained installation

Brazilian thong brand created giant bird out of product.

Comedian makes comeback for Christmas

Metcash brings back comedian for integrated IGA Christmas campaign.

More equals less

Cheaper clothes maketh the young men – more males spend less overall.

Paris pop up offers 3D figurines

Parisian shoppers immortalise themselves as pop up store offers tiny printed 3D figurines for a not so tiny price tag.

Discounting when there is nothing left to the imagination

Brian Walker explores the shopper psyche when it comes to discounted prices.

Burger for the trophy cabinet

KFC harnesses 3D printing to immortalise customers ordering its controversial Double burger.

Kids shun stars

Businesses with an interest in connecting with children need to listen to what different kids believe, says report.