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Understanding consumer sentiment during COVID-19

Retail Doctor Group runs through how to understand and utilise data on the changing consumer.

Five people waiting outside a supermarket, standing far apart.

I’ve spoken to dozens of retail execs in the last two weeks. Here’s what I learned

Matt Newell shares insights from his conversations with retail executives.

Flattening another coronavirus curve: The cash-flow gap

When sales dry up, costs don’t tend to follow suit.

Survival and revival: Retailers need to prepare for two e-commerce waves

How e-commerce will change in the next year.

Want to know how to survive COVID-19? Look to JD.com

The retailer went online during the SARS outbreak in 2003. Now it’s one of the biggest e-commerce companies in China.

Online groceries during the pandemic – a solution?

How supermarkets could quickly ramp up online delivery.

Working from home? Here are five ways to reduce procrastination and be productive

Set up a clear schedule, reduce distractions and plan for interruptions.

Life after coronavirus

What will consumer buying patterns be like once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Here are a few predictions.

Image of two young women against a painted wall.

The future of retail: Chapter 1

On the great buying vs. shopping divide – how they diverged and why they’re coming back together.

What all great stores have in common

The secret to a great shopping experience? Sense of place.