Editor’s Picks - Inside Retail Australia

There is hope for the high street

Here’s how to transform it.

How to beat the machine

Brian Walker on the power of storytelling in retail.

Differentiate or die

Differentiation doesn’t mean a new logo.

Data can’t save our department stores

Can someone explain how retailers that sit on some of the world’s richest sources of big data, fail to compete with those who, in some instances, have none?

A lifetime of retail – nothing better

Dave Farrell looks back on 30 years in an ‘incomparable’ industry.

What is it that retail is trying to achieve through technology?

The prevailing attitudinal mindset between AI and HR is reflected in financials, where one is seen as an asset and the other as an overhead and liability.

What if Amazon is the trigger for the next tech wreck?

The “belief” in Amazon is about a future that may or may not eventuate.

When business models eat themselves

Modern businesses, now so seemingly invincible, are vulnerable at the core.

The changing skill sets to be a retailer

What are the professional role profiles of our future retailers?

Cost cutting is not growth

Many Australian retail business models are being compared to ‘the walking dead’.