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Australia is under sustained cyber attack. What’s going on, and what should businesses do?

The attack is described as “state-sponsored”, which means a foreign government is believed to be behind it.

Customer pay NFC

How to predict your customers’ needs post COVID-19

As stores start to open their doors its clear that the post Covid-19 retail world will be very different.

The last thing companies should be doing right now is paying dividends

COVID-19 has revealed an ugly truth – many very large companies have too little cash.

NSW steps up to provide protection against retail evictions

State Government can step in until a national approach is decided upon.

Working from home? Here are five ways to reduce procrastination and be productive

Set up a clear schedule, reduce distractions and plan for interruptions.

Image of two young women against a painted wall.

The future of retail: Chapter 1

On the great buying vs. shopping divide – how they diverged and why they’re coming back together.

Supermarkets band together to call for better treatment of staff

Australia’s biggest supermarkets have come together to tackle the issue of violence against staff.

Words to live by: Advice on leadership, confidence and work-life balance

“I am not the first woman to multi-task.”

Stop measuring customer behaviour and start influencing it

Sponsored: Understanding and analysing customer behaviour is one thing – but what next?

Changing with the consumer: Inside Retail Live

Customers are changing, but retailers can as well.