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Image of two young women against a painted wall.

The future of retail: Chapter 1

On the great buying vs. shopping divide – how they diverged and why they’re coming back together.

Industry reacts to Government’s stimulus plan

Plan includes casual sick leave, increased instant asset write off, and payments to 6.5 million Australians.

Words to live by: Advice on leadership, confidence and work-life balance

“I am not the first woman to multi-task.”

Goldman Sachs’ push for board diversity doesn’t go far enough

Research shows women make company boards more innovative – and the more, the better.

Myer trims another 35 executive roles

The cuts cover management, business support, and administration roles.

A useful guide for CEOs on how to make ethical decisions in business

Business leaders can no longer stand by and watch from the sidelines.

Don’t: It ain’t worth the pain

Rhonda Brighton-Hall weighs in on this burning question.

Do: Love cannot be contained!

Hush Puppies’ Charlene Perera weighs in on this burning question.

Workplace bullying is a growing problem. Here’s how to handle it

How to stamp out bullying at work.

New poll: Has bullying ever occurred in your workplace?

Recent claims have started a conversation about a serious topic.