Retail holiday preparedness: Six tips to maximise sales events

While the northern hemisphere basks in the warmth of summer, winter officially begins in Australia — which also means, it’s time to get ready for End of Financial Year (EOFY) sales. 

With retail being one of the most negatively impacted industries in 2020, there’s no doubt that businesses within this sector are eager to recoup losses. One surefire way to drive customers back is by participating in key retail sales events. 

With the addition of Instagram night in 2021, shoppers can now pick from 25 widely advertised limited-time only retail events. For most brands, sales events have become a regular part of the calendar. Fortunately for retailers, Australian shoppers love sales events with 82 per cent of shoppers having participated in one or more sales events during the past 12 months. 

Amobee, in partnership with Inside Retail, has produced a report to help retailers gear up for the upcoming retail holidays by providing six tips to maximising sales events. The report incorporates findings from dozens of published sources, as well as Amobee’s proprietary Brand Intelligence tool that analyses and correlates over 60 billion content engagements and consumption trends across the digital ecosystem of web, video, mobile and social – every single day.

The report includes insights and actual data that supports the following sales event takeaways:

  1. Use careful audience targeting to cut through the clutter

With more brands participating in sales events, it’s imperative to be laser-focused with who you want to reach rather than trying a catch-all approach. It can be tempting to cast a wider net, but during highly competitive seasons when advertising supply is limited, broad targeting can do more harm than good.

  1. Reach customers early and across multiple channels

Multiple studies have shown that consumers research larger purchases across multiple devices. This highlights the importance for retailers of having an integrated multiple-channel advertising strategy for any sales event.

  1. Tailor campaigns for each specific sales event

While some retail events overlap, such as Black Friday, Christmas and Boxing Day, it is highly recommended that brands structure specific campaigns around each unique shopping holiday rather than activating one broad campaign. 

  1. Use free shipping or delivery guarantees as a competitive advantage

Delivery continues to be a top source of frustration for most Australians, especially in the lead up to Christmas where delivery dates are critical. 

  1. Optimise for mobile and reach customers at the time of purchase

Purchasing from sales events using your mobile phone while sitting on the couch watching television is easy to imagine. However, mobile phones also have an important role to play in physical stores during sales events.

  1. Leverage video advertising to stand out from the crowd 

With shoppers exposed to so many messages during sales events, the cut- through that video advertising can deliver becomes even more important.

Download the Retail Holiday Preparedness Report and learn how you can leverage these six tips to maximise sales revenue regardless of your company type or size. 

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