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Founded in 2012 by Stefano Portu (CEO) and Alessandro Palmieri, ShopFully is a tech company with the mission of making local shopping easier. The company, originally called “DoveConviene”, was set up as a marketplace where users could find in one digital property all shopping deals of nearby stores, traditionally found on printed catalogues. Almost 10 years later, following geographic expansions, acquisitions and - above all - thanks to the development of a technology capable of providing increasingly sophisticated MarTech products to its customers (Retailers & Manufacturers), ShopFully became the leader in drive-to-store solutions. Leveraging on its proprietary marketplaces (“DoveConviene”, “PromoQui”, “VolantinoFacile” and “Tiendeo”) ShopFully represents for millions of consumers one of the main one-stop-destinations where shopping begins; at the same time, thanks to its AI-driven hyperlocal marketing platform (called "Hi!"), ShopFully is the most reliable tech partner to more than 400 retailers and manufacturers globally and reaches a network of 45 million of active users globally.

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