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How to deal with Unreasonable Bastards

I admit it. I’m an unreasonable bastard.

2011: The year customers will take control

Over the last 30 years, there have been two big power shifts in marketing.

Top 11 Retail Trends for 2011

This is arguably the most fascinating, puzzling, daunting, challenging and ultimately exhilarating time for retail in history.

‘Canary Consumers’ on the streets of LA

Standing in a cavernous Banana Republic store on the Third Street Promenade shopping district in Santa Monica this January, I realised how things are changing. 

Integrity Served with a Side of Chips

One of the hazards of being in or associated with retail is that you can never really take a complete holiday. Retail is everywhere you go, and there’s always something to catch your attention or imagination and flick the work switch back to “on”. So it was that while on a break in the US in January, I couldn’t help but be captivated by a “fast-casual” dining concept in California called Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Groupon Campaign: Gross or Great?

“If your advertising goes unnoticed, everything else is academic.” So said 1960’s advertising creative guru Bill Bernbach. And while it’s true that bold beats bland every time, setting out purely to get impact for impact’s sake is a highly risky and questionable tactic. That’s the lesson that Groupon, the Chicago-based collective buying power website, has learned over the past week or so.

Why bore people into buying?

In a world saturated with same-same ‘Sale’ signs and percentage-off promotions, it’s great to see a big-box value retailer doing things a little differently. 

Helping shoppers get their kicks

Amidst the recent hysteria about the rise of online and the demise of offline shopping, one point that often gets missed is that of conversion rates. 

Mind the Gap

Some people read tea leaves to predict the future. In retail, all you need to do is read the sales results and profit announcements. Reports from both the U.S. and Australia in the first few months of this year clearly show the emerging shape of the retail landscape. 


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