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The incredible shrinking store

Over the next few years, we will see a literal reshaping of the retail landscape as large format stores shrink in size, says Jon Bird.

Have Aussie retailers been ripping us off?

Jon Bird courts controversy on the price differential between local retailers and overseas sources…

A sugar hit for retail

For retail to be successful, it must be about creating and satisfying wants and stimulating desire, says Jon Bird.

The ultimate in retail theatre

To survive and prosper in a digital world, physical retail must deliver an “experience factor”, says Jon Bird.

God Save the Cream

A UK ice cream concept is “an eye-popping, wallet-loosening retail experience,” writes Jon Bird.

Now success smells like sweat

Apple is rewriting record books in their retail stores by changing the the nature of selling, writes Jon Bird.

Getting the detail right

From concept to execution, it’s the detail that makes the difference, writes Jon Bird.

When ‘no service’ is ‘great service’

The modern consumer’s definition of ‘service’ is very different to that of traditional retailers, writes Jon Bird…

Clean or cluttered – which store strategy works best?

Do clean store aisles make customers mean spenders? Walmart certainly thinks so…

What’s your “secret sauce”?

What is the special something that sets you apart as a retailer, making you magnetic to customers and distinctive from your competitors?

Anya Hindmarch Bespoke: inside

A tiny store in London demonstrates the convergence of two important new retail trends…

The power of the peripheral

Jon Bird explains why Nespresso is one of the best retail concepts in the world…

Mad for mobiles (bad for retail)

The rapid penetration of smart phones into everyday life spells a threat to retailers, writes Jon Bird…

Turf Wars: Sears strikes back

In a retail world which is polarising between “value” and “specialty”, many department stores have reacted by dumbing down their offer and embarking on broad-based discounting programs.

Rotten Apples

When the first two Apple Stores opened in the U.S. on May 19, 2001, they were a breath of fresh air in retail. Instead of the product being locked away, it was on display and working. Rather than clueless shop assistants, there were “Geniuses” who could help you with tech questions and issues. And in contrast to dark, pokey, cluttered retail spaces, Apple Stores were light, bright, open and as “on-design” as the products themselves. These gleaming new stores seemed to signal a changing o…

Scary Stuff

There is an air of desperation about US retail this “holiday season” (as the Yanks call it). Traditionally, North American merchants have kept their powder dry until Thanksgiving weekend (the 25th to the 28th of November this year). “Black Friday”, the day after Thanksgiving, has always been the signal for retailers to come out all guns blazing in the run to Christmas, and for shoppers to return to the malls. This year, in the face of a still-crippled economy, US retailers are racing to …

Why Australians aren’t spending

The latest ABS data confirmed what most retailers already knew – that right now Aussie shoppers are keeping their wallets firmly shut.

A Christmas star

US casual fashion retailer Gap has a knack for being absolutely on-trend when it comes to its Christmas advertising and promotion. Last year, Gap ran an innovative Glee-inspired campaign called “holiday cheer”, which featured a cheerleader style dance routine and accompanying chant. Tonally, it was bang on for an American audience that literally needed cheering up in the midst of the GFC, and the work cleverly leveraged the popularity of the television phenomenon, Glee.

‘The fastest growing company ever’

If online commerce is shaking the foundations of conventional bricks and mortar retail, then Groupon is like a massive demolition ball swinging at the walls. 

Rewarding customers for ‘checking in’

‘Generating traffic’ is oh so-o 2010.


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