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Jon Bird


Small is beautiful

Independent retailers have greater resilience than they’re often given credit for – and some advantages, writes Jon Bird.

Living in a Jetsons world

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the space age Jetsons animated sitcom. Jon Bird reflects on retailing in a what is now the Jetsons era.

Retail in 2012: let the blur begin

Jon Bird predicts 2012 will bring change at a faster rate than ever before as consumers’ attention spans shrink…

Our selling season is our silly season

Jon Bird asks if Australia has got the Holiday Selling Season back-to-front. 

The most powerful ad ever?

Can an ad asking consumers not to buy make them want to buy even more? asks Jon Bird.

Heartstrings or purse strings: What sells at Christmas?

Jon Bird observes the tug-of-war between price-promotional and feel-good advertising in the Christmas lead-up.

Why dwell time equals sell time

Get customers to relax in your store, writes Jon Bird, and they’ll spend more.

What to do when you’ve boobed

All retailers make mistakes. Jon Bird explains it’s the putting right that counts. 

Trust: hard earned, easily burned

Branding lessons from Qantas: Jon Bird describes an “act of betrayal” from a brand he loved.

The true value of a brand fan

Jon Bird explains why it’s so crucial for retailers to move customers up the ‘loyalty ladder’.

Enough of tough

Jon Bird asks: are these the worst of times, or the best of times?

Reports of death greatly exaggerated…

Jon Bird feels a sense of de ja vu over predictions of the death of the mall as we know it…

The Power of Love over ‘Like-for-Like’

Jon Bird writes there’s a danger in challenging times of forgetting about whether your customers truly love your offer…

The end of stuff

The era of conspicuous consumption is out of date. Jon Bird takes a look at what people are spending on.

Breaking the rules of retail

Australian retailers need to throw the old rule book out the window in order to survive, says Jon Bird.

Aussie retail’s digital disgrace

Arrogance or ignorance? Jon Bird asks what is driving Australian retail’s digital “disgrace”.

When all else fails

Can the ‘Treasure Hunt’ stem the flow of retailing’s red ink, asks Jon Bird.

Rubber soled shoes and retail right now

Jon Bird finds enormous contrast in Melbourne: winning retailers and those on struggle street.

Maybe Aussie shoppers are just bored

Are shoppers lacking confidence or just plain bored asks Jon Bird.

An apple a day keeps the shutters away

Can Apple save the department store?


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