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Jon Bird


Embracing showrooming

You can’t fight the internet or bite the hand that feeds you. Instead, it’s time to reinvent retail and embrace showrooming, says Jon Bird.

Scary good or just plain scary

When it comes to retail events and promotions in the US, it’s a case of go big or go home, says Jon Bird.

What’s your Horrorstör?

Jon Bird asks, what’s your retail horror story?

Can retail rescue a dying city?

Jon Bird asks, can retail revive a struggling US city?

The world’s most unique flagship

Jon Bird stumbles upon a hidden retail gem in California.

Cashing in on customer laziness

The single most motivating notion in retail today can be boiled down to a single word – ‘convenience’, says Jon Bird.

Here come the robots

In a world where humans are relatively expensive, robots in retail make sense, writes Jon Bird.

Shopping in Portlandia

Jon Bird takes a stroll around Portlandia, Oregon and uncovers some retail gems.

The future shopper: They live among us

Jon Bird gazes into the crystal ball to show us a glimpse of the future shopper.

The future of retail in beta

Jon Bird takes a look at what’s in store for the future of retail.

The wheels of change

Jon Bird takes us through a new trend ‘driving’ change in transportation.

Giant balloon dogs & retail tensity

Jon Bird looks at H&M’s newest flagship in New York City and its use of an emerging retail trend.

Great retail is a piece of cake

Jon Bird visits two retail remixes in the city of New York.

Gentlemen, start your boxer shorts

Jon Bird looks at the newest delivery trend sweeping the US.

Shopping for creative at Cannes

Jon Bird brings us the best retail campaigns from his time in Cannes.

Triggers and treasures

Jon Bird examines the success of membership driven retailer, Costco.

For a limited time only

Jon Bird does the rounds of some of New York’s best pop ups.

The American retail dream

Jon Bird takes a tour of Under Armour’s brand house, in New York’s SoHo.

In the age of e-biquity, are brands irrelevant?

Jon Bird asks, is the importance of brands fading?

A grocery experience from heaven

Jon Bird takes a look at his local Whole Foods, comparing his experience across the globe.


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