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Dennis Price

Dennis Price is a shopping centre, retail, marketing & strategy all-rounder with over 30 years’ experience, across a portfolio career of concurrent interests including consultant & coach (at Ganador), retail centre management at JLL, GPT, Lend Lease, entrepreneur at Yearone Solutions, Ganador & Uncle Joe's Cafe, and Academic (at MGSM, UoW, AIB). Dennis Price has regularly contributed columns for Inside Retail since 2007.


The most important retail metric

The main retail metrics are driven by an underlying variable that we fail to account for, says Dennis Price.

Test your congruence with Kapow!

Dennis Price considers the implications of incongruence between brand message and offer.

5 priorities for the new retailer

Dennis Price gives his five tips for running a successful business in the new era of retail.

10 findings on effective pricing strategies

Dennis Price shares 10 highlights from a research paper about pricing.

We all suffer from being ‘just like’

Dennis Price examines if there is a way to minimise the effects of confirmation bias in the workplace.

Learnings from the world’s best CEO

Dennis Prices explains the success behind one of the world’s top CEOs.

Merchant mentality

Dennis Price discusses the key difference between a good retailer and an average retailer.

Have you read the signs?

Dennis Price provides a lesson on brand management.

R.I.P. business planning

The first flaw of every business plan is that it fails to appreciate that the future is not more of the past, says Dennis Price.

15 ways to improve customer service

Dennis Price’s 15 tips to radically improve customer service.

Test your retail IQ

Put your retail knowledge to the test with Dennis Price’s quiz.

The science behind serving a customer

Dennis Price’s six behavioural tips to improve customer service.

12 trends to change the future of retail

Dennis Price shares 12 trends likely to affect the future of your retail business.

How to go from a $2m business to $5m business

Dennis Price’s five tips for creating a $5 million business.

Things that make me sad, things that make me mad

Taking your default position to problems may not be the solution, writes Dennis Price.

How to develop a retail strategy using philosophy

Dennis Price describes the dialectic process and how to use it to your advantage.

Street fighting to win the retail war

Dennis Price’s top three tips to remember when fighting a retail battle.

Do you make decisions like a turkey?

Dennis Price provides some advice on how to be a better decision maker.

The Biggest Loser and customer service

The most important thing any business can focus on is creating an effective and cohesive customer service culture, says Dennis Price.

VM is not interior decorating

The most common mistake in VM is when retailers mistake it for interior decorating, says Dennis Price.


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